Purity of Creatine Supplements


Purity of creatine supplements

Creatine is one of the most popular sports supplements.

High-performance liquid chromatography was optimised by this group to analyse for the creatine content and possible organic contaminants in 33 samples of creatine supplements from the market. Creatinine-a byproduct of creatine metabolism in humans and of the creatine industrial production process-was identified as the major organic contaminant in 44% of the samples. 50% of the analyse products exceeded the maximum level recommended by European Foods Standards Authority for at least one contaminant. The authors conclude it advisable that consumers give their preference to products obtained by producers and ensure the highest quality control and certify the maximum amount of contaminants present in their products.

Levels of creatine, organic contaminants and heavy metals in creatine dietary supplements

Moret S et al. Food Chem (2011) 126; 1232-1238